New Dress Code

April 19, 2007

Dear employees,

Due to recent changes at our store, we are now changing the required dress code for our employees.  We are now attempting to create a new professional image, therefore we will be distributing new polos that must be worn with khakis while working.  Additional shirts will cost $15.00 each.

Additionally, we will no longer allow excessive visible body piercings while  working.  We have received many complaints from our more conservative customers, so this liberty will no longer be allowed.  Here is a list of the new guidelines concerning piercings:

1.)   No more than 2 piercings per ear

2.)  Facial piercings must be removed during your shift

3.)  No dangling earrings.

4.)  No “fashion” jewelry

Also, all tattoos must be covered during your shift.  You may opt to wear long sleeved shirts and pants while on the job.  This is also due to some complaints from our more conservative customers.

If there are any questions or conserns, please contact our human resource department at 1-800-555-5555.  We are open to any questions or concerns you may have.




April 19, 2007

Forged Under Fire

This first blog was written by a man who just lost out on two major sales.  He makes a good point about what we can and can not control.  After losing a sale, it is easy for one to blame his/herself, but you must look at all the facts.  In his case, the customer chose a product that was cheaper than his.  You may not be able to control the cost of your product, but you can control how you deliver it to your customers.  Sometimes the lower cost is what the customer values more, but you can put value into the service you provide and the delivery of your products.  Why waste your time complaining about the things you can’t control?  You should focus on the things you can control and the ways to improve them.

A&P Sales Blog 

Covert Persuasion 

Part III Topics

April 18, 2007

After reading Part III of Write up the Corporate Ladder, there are some main points that stick out in my mind.  The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that writing skills not only help make you look like a smarter, more reliable person, but it makes the company look the same as well.  Mitch Bardwell said in this section, “Good writing skills are a positive reflection of the quality of people we hire.”  Canon is a highly recognized company.  The people that work for Canon are quality people that put thought into everything they do, especially their writing.


The second idea I ran across was the amount of business that relies on writing.  Jere Brooks King made a good point when she said, “In today’s world, I would guess that more attention is starting to be paid to the written word because of the prevalence of e-mail and web pages.”  When you think about it, we spend most of our time researching companies and products over the web.  We also do much of our direct communication through e-mail.  Writing plays a huge role in how we display ourselves and the things we represent like our companies.  It is important that we keep that in mind the next time we sit down to write something.


Lastly, like many other people, I want to move up the chain to top management some day.  Nick Bamaci from Citigroup says, “Communications -writing and speaking- are among the core competencies managers look at when it comes time for promotions and raises.”  These are the people that have the most influence on the company as a whole.  They display the image of the company the best, so it does not sound unlikely that they would be found at the top.  I believe effective writing is the best place to start on at advancing your communication skills.

Progress of my project

April 11, 2007

After starting my research for this project, I have come into some obstacles.  First, I found that many of the subjects in Write up the Corporate Ladder were accomplished authors of well known books.  I do not plan to write a book anytime soon, and I don’t believe my subject does either.  We don’t really pay much attention or put as much thought into our writing as the professional authors do.  Secondly, my subject answered my questions with very clean-cut answers.  She did not go into much depth about her writing habits.  I think this also coincides with the fact that writing is not a huge part of the sales division of the business relationships.  She does most of her interacting through personal meetings or over the telephone.  I believe I will focus my topic for this assignment on the importance of writing in the professional sales world, but there is also a big stress on direct interactions to further your personal relationships with your clients.

Some interesting points in Part II

April 10, 2007

I got a few ideas for my interview while reading Part II of Write up the Corporate Ladder.  My first idea is to ask when they write.  An interesting piece of information given in the opening of this section stated that a well known writer writes at all times of the day.  He even stated a moment at a baseball game where the game was delayed, and he continued writing a story on his laptop.  We all have different times when writing is best for us.  Mine as I stated earlier is at night when I get home from my busy life.  It is nice to sit in a quiet room with my laptop and email my friends and family.  It is a time when everything else is done, and I feel free to do whatever I want.


Another idea I got from reading the text was to ask how their writing compares to their profession.  When Marcus Buckingham was asked how his writing for his book differs from his writing in his profession, he stated that they were both very similar.  You have something to say or figure out, so you just talk it through on paper.  This is the best way for people to best understand your point.  It is important to not focus on the rules all the time.


That leads into my next big point.  Many of the writers spoke of how they don’t feel the need to follow the rules all the time.  As long as it doesn’t sound horribly bad, it is ok to occasionally break the rules we were taught in school.  Also, writers write many drafts before their work is ever seen.  I found it fascinating that one write once wrote nineteen drafts until he was finally finished with his work.  How astounding!

My feelings toward the assignment

April 10, 2007

For this assignment, I hope to discover the special ways people write in the professional business world.  While reading “Write up the Corporate Ladder,” I noticed that not all people feel the need to speak formally in their writing.  I find this very uplifting.  I will be the first to admit that it bothers me when people make grammatical errors such as ending a word in a preposition, using “can” instead of “may”, or having run-on sentences.  So, it is important to find a comfort zone with a formal voice while still following the basic rules.  It makes you seem more intelligent, where the opposite may cause the reader to question that intelligence. 


I hope to get a better understanding as to how people communicate in the business world from this assignment.  We all have a certain style of our own, but I wonder what these people have in common for this certain activity.  When do they do all their writing and what different circumstances do they find themselves writing?  We all write more than we realize.  I personally am a big fan of my e-mail, Facebook, and MySpace pages.  Writing is my most convenient way to get in touch with the people around me and say all that needs to be said.  It is important that we know what to expect out of the expectations of others before we enter the “grown-up” world.


When is my favorite time to write?  Whenever I get a chance!  I am a very social person, and I am also a very busy person.  It is hard to keep up with everyone in your family, your significant other’s family, and your circle of friends while attending school full time and holding two part time jobs.  Writing is a way for me to keep up day to day by just turning on my computer when I get home and typing away.  We are all busy these days, and writing gives us the opportunity to speak to others when we have the available time.

Who should blog?

March 13, 2007

Which companies should blog?  I believe that should be up to the company and the people that run them.  Mark Cuban has been criticized for not allowing his employees to blog.  He believes there should only be one public vision for an organization.  More power to him.  He should manage his business the way he sees fit.

Another side to the theory on whether companies should allow their employees to blog comes from Microsoft.  Blogging has helped their company’s reputation by making their customers understand they are people too.  It gives them the opportunity to talk and help their customers on a more personal level.  Basically, not every business should be run the same way.  The question of whether to blog or not to blog depends on the people in that company.

Some key points in effective presentations

March 8, 2007

After reading the website, I realized a presentation really consist mostly of presentation. According to this lady, you should spend 100 hours of preparation for every 1 hour of presentation. That may seems extreme for a typical college student, so let’s break it down. A typical presentation we are expected to give for a class is approximately five minutes long. That means we should spend over 8 hours preparing? She seems to be an over-achiever when you look at it like this, but what if you look at it from a professional perspective? In my professional career, I would have no problem spending this much time preparing for a speech to my company or other companies. I believe it is important to be completely ready and prepared for any situation or question that may come up during your presentation.

Another key point that stood out from this site was the advice not to use your slides as your words. I find the most interesting classes to be the ones where the professor uses pictures and illustrations for the visual PowerPoint and uses his knowledge and experience from the top of his/her mind. You have to pay attention to understand all that is being said, and you can’t just look over the slides later before the test. That would beat the reason of even coming to class.

From the site, I found some of the best advice for giving presentations is to use your own voice. There is nothing more boring than to listen to someone give an uptight speech. Also, it makes it much simpler for the speaker when they can give a speech without wondering if they are sounding the way everyone wants them to sound.

Both of these sites gave good main points on giving a speech and telling a story. I have found my biggest weakness at times is storytelling. It is something we could all improve at, and it is important to do so.

Bloggers need to help write the news

March 6, 2007

Morpheme Tales is a blog that discusses the need for bloggers to “become a network of news gatherers” to fill in the gap the media can’t explain. There are many topics that are not discussed and leave the people less informed.

Cover Letter Tips

February 13, 2007

I got a lot of information on writing a cover letter from looking over the different websites.  There were a lot of little details that can make all the difference as to whether you get a chance at getting the job.  The most important tip I got was to request an interview yourself.  You shouldn’t leave it all up to the employer to set up your first meeting.